November 27, 2017

City shopper Barbie doll X8257

This beauty is the "City shopper" Barbie (X8257). She's really cool. Though I usually loose the hair of all my dolls, I like very much her ponytail so I think she will keep it.

She is wearing our mustard gabardineour mustard skirt and our pink body.

I hope you like her as much as I do.

In the next weeks I will show you some of my new girls. I bought a lot of Barbies when I was in Orlando last September 😀 There are much more assortment and best prices in the USA than in Spain so I bought a lot of them online (both in and Mattel) to be sent to my hotel. This is me when I arrived at the hotel and pick them all 😂 It was like Christmas time for me!

August 21, 2017

OOAK Barbie

August is a quiet month here in Spain, so I took advantage to do many things for my dolls 😊 I made this wood wainscot following the great tutorial of Bonequea. And I painted this thick foam core board on both sides: one in grey (the one I used in these photos) and one in pale blue. The "marble ground" is a printable that you can free download here.

The girls in the previous photo are "Look Cocktail Chic (DGY09)" with MTM body and "Tokidoki (CMV57)" with repaint, reroot and a Look body.

The repaint was made by Sara from "My dolls, My world" and I couldn't love her more. She is stunningly beautiful And Sara was such a wonderful person ♥ ♥ 

The reroot was made by Gema Trenado. Gema was so nice with me: the doll has been repainted before rerooted, and she took care of not damaging her make-up.

You can find the tulle skirts in our Etsy shop, in 8 colors to choose. And you cand find the t-shirts also in our Etsy shop.

August 7, 2017

Shopgirl dress Barbie

Do you know "The shopgirl Barbie"? I love her dress so I begged Charo to make a similar dress and here it is. You can buy it in our Etsy shop.

dress shopgirl barbie

I bought the beautiful mirror to António from "As Miniaturas do Toca" (Portugal). I couldn't love it more. The wardrobe is from "Furniture for Dolls" (Ukraine).

barbie dresses

The doll is "Stunning in the spotlight" Silkstone Barbie.

July 31, 2017

Tulle skirts for Barbie

We have new skirts in our Etsy shop: tulle skirs for Barbie and Poppy Parker. And they are 8 colors to choose. Here is the grey one (No. 1):

Barbie ballerina skirt

Wich color is your favourite one? Mine is dusty pink (No. 8).

July 18, 2017

Barbie dressed for a party

Doll: Barbie Fashionista (CJY43)
Body: B & I
Gold sequin skirt: B & I
Chanel handbag: B & I

Mattel CJY43

I changed the color of her eyes with blue acrylic paint and a thin paint brush.

Barbie clothes

I also changed her body for a "Barbie The Look" poseable body.

Barbie sequin skirt

May 29, 2017

Chanel style purses for Barbie

You will have seen many of our Chanel purses in our previous posts, but they justify a post of their own

Ya habéis visto la mayoría de nuestros bolsos Chanel en los posts anteriores, pero se merecen un post monográfico 

In black and gold, you can purchase it here / En blanco y dorado, podéis comprarlo aquí.

Chanel Barbie

Barbie handbag

This one is already sold out, but we hope to have it back in stock soon 😀 / Este ya está agotado, pero esperamos volver a hacerlo 😀

Chanel handbag Barbie

In gold and black, you can purchase it here / En dorado y negro, podéis comprarlo aquí.

handbag for Barbie

In white and silver, you can purchase it here / En blanco y plateado, , podéis comprarlo aquí.

Barbie purse Chanel

And ind ecru color, you can purchase it here / Y en color curdo, podéis comprarlo aquí.

handmade barbie hadbag

If you like the little accesories inside the purses, you can check this post / Si os gustan los accesorios que hay dentro de los bolsos, podéis ver este post.

May 23, 2017

Red faux-leather suit for Barbie

We have made our faux-leather suit also in red. And I couldn't love it more 

Hemos hecho nuestro conjunto de imitación cuero también en rojo. Y no podría gustarme más

comprar ropa barbie

You can buy the jacket in our Etsy shop / Podéis comprar la cazadora en nuestra tienda Etsy.

barbie clothes

And the skirt, with real pockets also in our Etsy shop  / Y la falda, con bolsillos reales, también en nuestra tienda Etsy.

Buy Barbie clothes

We also have the "Chanel" purse (here) and the black t-shirt (here). The Barbie is "Andy Warhol" DKN04. I changed the color of her lips with Photoshop.

También tenemos el bolso (aquí) y la camiseta (aquí). La Barbie es "Andy Warhol" DKN04. Le he cambiado el color de los labios con Photoshop.

May 16, 2017

Sweaters in many colors to choose

Do you remember this sweater? / Recordáis este jersey?

handknitted sweater for barbie

Now you can choose the color of the background and of the hearts between 14 different wools: there are 14 x 14 = 196 different possibilities!

Ahora se puede elegir el color del fondo y el color de los corazones entre 14 lanas diferentes: ¡hay 14 x 14 = 196 posibilidades diferentes!

wool barbie

Here you can see it with the background number 3 and the hearts number 9.

Aquí podéis verlo con el fondo del número 3 y los corazones del número 9.

barbie clothes

If you like the bag of chips you can free-download it here / Si os gusta la bolsa de patatas, podéis descargarla gratis aquí.

buy barbie clothes

May 13, 2017

Chanel style dress for Barbie

We saw a beautiful Chanel style dress and we took it for reference to make this one for Barbie. You can find it in our Etsy shop.

Vimos un precioso vestido de estilo Chanel y lo tomamos de referencia para hacer este para Barbie. Podéis encontrarlo en nuestra tienda Etsy.

The fabric and the cord are fantastic / La tela y el cordón son fantásticos.

This dress suits so fine ♥ / Este vestido sienta tan bien

I absolutely love it / Me encanta.

The Barbie I used for these photos is "Silkstone - The Showgirl" (L9597).

La Barbie que usé para estas fotos es "Silkstone - The Showgirl" (L9597).

April 3, 2017

Pink faux-leather suit for Barbie

Here we are again with new garments! This time with a pink faux-leather suit.

Aquí estamos de nuevo con novedades! Esta vez es un traje rosa de cuero de imitación.

You can find the jacket on our Etsy shop.

Podéis encontrar la chaqueta en nuestra tienda Etsy.

And the skirt, with real pockets, also on our Etsy shop. The cream body is also available here.

Y la falda, con bolsillos reales, también en nuestra tienda Etsy. El body crema está también disponible aquí.

It has velcro on the back-side to put it and take it off easily.

Tiene veldro en la parte posterior para ponerla y quitarla fácilmente.

We hope you like it! 😊 / ¡Esperamos que os guste! 😊

March 29, 2017

White lace dress for Barbie and Poppy Parker

When I saw this photo at Mattel Instagram, I felt in love with the gorgeous white lace dress So I asked (and begged) my friend and partner Charo to make on like this. She was reluctant because it had to be totally hand-sewed, but finally agreed 😀 We chose the lace and the velvet ribbon together. And this is the wonderful work that she made:

Cuando vi esta foto en el Instagram de Mattel, me enamoré del precioso vestido blanco de encaje. Así que le pedí (y supliqué) a mi amiga y socia Charo para que lo hiciera. Era reacia porque había que coserlo totalmente a mano, pero finalmente accedió 😀 Elegimos juntas el encaje y el lazo de terciopelo. Y este es el maravilloso trabajo que hizo:

chiara ferragni barbie

It fits so good! You can buy it on our Etsy shop.

¡Sienta tan bien! Podéis comprarlo en nuestra tienda Etsy.

Barbie White lace dress

You can also buy the Chanel style purse on our Etsy shop.

También podéis comprar el bolso estilo Chanel en nuestra tienda Etsy.

barbe lace dress

I hope you like it as much as I do 😊

Espero que os guste tantísimo como a mí 😊

March 27, 2017

Golden faux leather suit for Barbie

We have had so many orders on our Etsy shop these last months, that we had no time to prepare new clothes. So we decided to close the shop for some weeks in order to make new garments. We have made jackets, skirts, dresses, purses, caps, sweaters... 😀

Hemos tenido tantos pedidos en nuestra tienda Etsy estos últimos meses, que no tuvimos tiempo de preparar ropa nueva. Así que decidimos cerrarla durante unas semanas para hacer prendas nuevas. Hemos hecho chaquetas, faldas, vestidos, bolsos, gorros, jerseis... 😀

This is our golden faux leather jacket. It fits so nice!

Esta es nuestra chaqueta de cuero de imitación dorado. ¡Sienta tan bien!

jacket barbie

barbie leather jacket

barbie gold jacket

And here is our golden faux leather skirt, with true pockets:

Y aquí está nuestra falda de cuero de imitación dorado, con bolsillos reales:

barbie leather skirt

Barbie handmade clothes

We hope you like them! More news coming soon.

Esperamos que os gusten! Pronto más novedades.