August 21, 2017

OOAK Barbie

August is a quiet month here in Spain, so I took advantage to do many things for my dolls 😊 I made this wood wainscot following the great tutorial of Bonequea. And I painted this thick foam core board on both sides: one in grey (the one I used in these photos) and one in pale blue. The "marble ground" is a printable that you can free download here.

The girls in the previous photo are "Look Cocktail Chic (DGY09)" with MTM body and "Tokidoki (CMV57)" with repaint, reroot and a Look body.

The repaint was made by Sara from "My dolls, My world" and I couldn't love her more. She is stunningly beautiful And Sara was such a wonderful person ♥ ♥ 

The reroot was made by Gema Trenado. Gema was so nice with me: the doll has been repainted before rerooted, and she took care of not damaging her make-up.

You can find the tulle skirts in our Etsy shop, in 8 colors to choose. And you cand find the t-shirts also in our Etsy shop.

August 7, 2017

Shopgirl dress Barbie

Do you know "The shopgirl Barbie"? I love her dress so I begged Charo to make a similar dress and here it is. You can buy it in our Etsy shop.

dress shopgirl barbie

I bought the beautiful mirror to António from "As Miniaturas do Toca" (Portugal). I couldn't love it more. The wardrobe is from "Furniture for Dolls" (Ukraine).

barbie dresses

The doll is "Stunning in the spotlight" Silkstone Barbie.