January 21, 2019

Barbie lined dresses

Since Christmas began, I have made 12 lined dresses 😊 I threw away the 2 first ones, and gave the next 2 others to friends daughters. I kept 5 of them for my Barbies. I sent 1 red dress to Carl as a gift, I'm willing to see it in his photos! And finally I have listed 2 in my Etsy shop.

Barbie 50s dresses

It takes me about 4 hours making a sleeveless dress and about 4:30 hours a dress with sleeves. So I don't know if I will have time to make more dresses for my Etsy shop until summer: now I have lots of work. But I will try because I love it.

Barbie handmade dresses

I'm using a thin and soft linen, I have it in many beautiful colors. And a very good quality lining.

barbie lined dresses

I'm using tiny buckles and buttons to embellish them.

Barbie soft line dress

They wear snap buttons in the back: they are very easy to put on and take off.

handmade dress for Barbie

They suit to any regular Barbie body: Silkstone, model muse, made to move, pivotal, fashionistas... And to Poppy Parker.

spicy in spain Poppy Parker

I just have begun to see "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" and I wish I have time to make all her fashions for Barbie!

Dresses for Barbie

Best wishes from Madrid 😘

September 9, 2018

Barbie loves Chanel

When we sold our black Chanel suits, I didn't keep any of them for myself - so now I've made one for myself 😊

Chanel Barbie

And a t-shirt that perfectly suits her, as it's thin and sleeveless. The neckline is gathered in the middle and is velcro-fastened from behind. They are available for sale in my Etsy shop.

Chanel for Barbie

I've also made black, bardot neckline t-shirts with Chanel's metalized golden logo (available here).

Barbie & Chanel

Plus golden sequin miniskirts, velcro-fastened from behind (available here).

Barbie Chanel

These logo t-shirts were also made by me in black and white (available here):

Barbie Chanel clothes

I'm currently working on suits including a blazer and a skirt with lining. I'll be showing you pictures soon enough!

July 30, 2018

Chanel style suit for Barbie

I´m sorry I've been missing for so long, but there have been changes: I have no partner anymore in B&I. So now I must do everything by myself: buying the fabrics, sewing the clothes, taking the pictures, blogging and managing the Etsy shop. And, since I run my own business, I have very little time for my Barbie hobby.

I have taken advantage now of the fact that it is summer in Spain, and I have less work, to make a Chanel style suit 😊 It includes a jacket, skirt and t-shirt. It does not include the necklace (from "Preferably Pink" Barbie), the purse (I purchased it in Aliexpress) nor the shoes.

Chanel style Barbie doll

Both the t-shirt and the skirt are velcro-fastened in the back. So they perfectly suit different Barbie bodies (except curvy and petite) and also Poppy Parker body.

Clothes for Barbie

Look at this beautiful doll: she has been repainted by Sara of "My dolls, my world". I love their repaints so much 

Chanel style suit for Barbie

I have made three identical suits, I'm keeping one for myself but the other two are available in my Etsy shop.

Chanel Barbie

I love the young and chic style of this suit. I hope you will love it too 😊

collector Barbie clothes

January 4, 2018

Barbie Dancing with the Stars Paso Doble - W3319

One of the beauties that I brought from my trip to USA is this "Dancing with the Stars Paso Doble Barbie Doll" (W3319). Unfortunately it's a little cross-eyed, but I will fix it when I feel more secure with the repaints.

Dancing with the Stars W3319

She is wearing our white body and our pink faux-leather skirt. I love her articulated body and her hair

January 3, 2018

My Barbie collection - Color No.2

When I started collecting Barbies, almost three years ago, I bought them without judgment. But over time I have become more selective: now I prefer to have few and special than a lot and mediocre.

Right now I have 39 not-Silkstone Barbies, 10 Silkstone Barbies and 2 Poppy Parkers. For me it's very important that my not-Silkstone Barbies have articulated bodies (but not MTM bodies, I don't like them...), so I have classified them by colors to take these photos. This way I will tell you which bodies do well to each group of color.

The whitest barbie I have is "Fan Binding" (BCP97) and I still have not got an articulated body for her 😭 So I start with the next skin tone, which I'll call No. 2. It's a very common color, so there are two pictures. You can use any of the bodies I will quote with any of these dolls:

From left to right:

1.- Barbie Fashionistas - Party Glam Doll 4 (CJY43): I repainted her eyes in blue. She wears "The Barbie Look – Party Perfect" (DGY13) body. The T-shirt and bib are from Clear-Lan.

2.- The Barbie Look - City Chic Style (DYX63): She wears her own body, but I don't like at all her knees. The dress and the shirt are from Clear-Lan. The socks are from Alliexpress.

3.- Natalia Vodianova Barbie Doll (CHX13): She wears "Andy Warhol Barbie Doll" (DKN04) body. I love this body  The turtleneck sweater and the shirt are from our Etsy shop.

4.- Model No. 05 - Collection 002 (T7739): She wears "The Barbie Look Barbie Doll - Tea Party Perfect" (DGY08) body. The dress is from Mattel.

5.- Andy Warhol Barbie Doll" (DKN04). I deleted the blue eyeshadow and repainted her lips. She wears her own body. The t-shirt is from Clear-Lan and the shirt from Mattel.

From left to right:

1.- The Barbie Look Barbie Doll - Tea Party Perfect: I took off her bangs and I repainted her eyes, her lips, and painted some freckles. She wears her own body. The dress is from our shop (out of stock now).

2.- France Barbie Doll (X8420): She wears "The Barbie Look™ Barbie Doll - Tea Party Perfect" (DGY08) body. The dress is from SquishTish.

3.- "Tokidoki Barbie Doll" (CMV57) with Sara repaint and Gema reroot. She wears "The Barbie Look – Party Perfect" (DGY13) body. The t-shirt and the skirt are from our Etsy shop.

4.- Princess of Ancient Greece Barbie Doll (B3461) with reroot. She wears "The Barbie Look – Party Perfect" (DGY13) body. The color of the head is a little bit yellowish, so it's not identical to the color of the body, but it's very similar. Moreover I don't think there is an articulated body with that same yelowish color. The t-shirt, the skirt and the jacket are from Clear-Lan.

5.- Princess of China Barbie Doll (3368) with Gema reroot. She wears "The Barbie Look – Party Perfect" (DGY13) body. The t-shirt is from Clear-Lan and the shirt from Mattel. She wears "The Barbie Look Barbie Doll - Tea Party Perfect" (DGY08) body. The dress is from YokoDolls. The shoes are from Alliexpress.

November 27, 2017

City shopper Barbie doll X8257

This beauty is the "City shopper" Barbie (X8257). She's really cool. Though I usually loose the hair of all my dolls, I like very much her ponytail so I think she will keep it.

She is wearing our mustard gabardineour mustard skirt and our pink body.

I hope you like her as much as I do.

In the next weeks I will show you some of my new girls. I bought a lot of Barbies when I was in Orlando last September 😀 There are much more assortment and best prices in the USA than in Spain so I bought a lot of them online (both in Amazon.com and Mattel) to be sent to my hotel. This is me when I arrived at the hotel and pick them all 😂 It was like Christmas time for me!

August 21, 2017

OOAK Barbie

August is a quiet month here in Spain, so I took advantage to do many things for my dolls 😊 I made this wood wainscot following the great tutorial of Bonequea. And I painted this thick foam core board on both sides: one in grey (the one I used in these photos) and one in pale blue. The "marble ground" is a printable that you can free download here.

The girls in the previous photo are "Look Cocktail Chic (DGY09)" with MTM body and "Tokidoki (CMV57)" with repaint, reroot and a Look body.

The repaint was made by Sara from "My dolls, My world" and I couldn't love her more. She is stunningly beautiful And Sara was such a wonderful person ♥ ♥ 

The reroot was made by Gema Trenado. Gema was so nice with me: the doll has been repainted before rerooted, and she took care of not damaging her make-up.

You can find the tulle skirts in our Etsy shop, in 8 colors to choose. And you cand find the t-shirts also in our Etsy shop.

August 7, 2017

Shopgirl dress Barbie

Do you know "The shopgirl Barbie"? I love her dress so I begged Charo to make a similar dress and here it is. You can buy it in our Etsy shop.

dress shopgirl barbie

I bought the beautiful mirror to António from "As Miniaturas do Toca" (Portugal). I couldn't love it more. The wardrobe is from "Furniture for Dolls" (Ukraine).

barbie dresses

The doll is "Stunning in the spotlight" Silkstone Barbie.

July 31, 2017

Tulle skirts for Barbie

We have new skirts in our Etsy shop: tulle skirs for Barbie and Poppy Parker. And they are 8 colors to choose. Here is the grey one (No. 1):

Barbie ballerina skirt

Wich color is your favourite one? Mine is dusty pink (No. 8).

July 18, 2017

Barbie dressed for a party

Doll: Barbie Fashionista (CJY43)
Body: B & I
Gold sequin skirt: B & I
Chanel handbag: B & I

Mattel CJY43

I changed the color of her eyes with blue acrylic paint and a thin paint brush.

Barbie clothes

I also changed her body for a "Barbie The Look" poseable body.

Barbie sequin skirt