June 7, 2020

Chanel style suit for Barbie and Poppy Parker

Since 4 years ago, each time I go shopping fabrics, I take a look at the tweeds ones, just in case I see someone nice and thin for Barbie . And now I have a few waiting for me to have time to sew. Because it takes many hours to sew these suits and it's not easy for me finding it... so I decided to sell this pattern too: you can find it in my shop, with some directions and tips, it's the same pattern of this black and withe suit.

Chanel suit for Barbie

I'm very happy how it turned out, this fabric is beautiful 😍 and I put it a Chanel logo I bought two years ago in Aliexpress.

Barbie Chanel suit

I bought the Chanel handbag in Etsy.

Chanel Barbie

The girl is Silkstone Cocktail Dress Barbie (X8253), I love her so much!

Barbie Chanel clothes

The skirt closes at the back with velcro. I know some people prefers buttons or snaps, but it doesn't fit well with them: however small they would be, they are thick. It filts much better with velcro. It's a special doll velcro, very thin, when it's closed you can not guess where it is.

Chanel Barbie clothes

I hope to find more time soon to use my other tweed fabrics 😊

Do you want me to list more patterns in my shop?

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