November 27, 2017

City shopper Barbie doll X8257

This beauty is the "City shopper" Barbie (X8257). She's really cool. Though I usually loose the hair of all my dolls, I like very much her ponytail so I think she will keep it.

She is wearing our mustard gabardineour mustard skirt and our pink body.

I hope you like her as much as I do.

In the next weeks I will show you some of my new girls. I bought a lot of Barbies when I was in Orlando last September 😀 There are much more assortment and best prices in the USA than in Spain so I bought a lot of them online (both in and Mattel) to be sent to my hotel. This is me when I arrived at the hotel and pick them all 😂 It was like Christmas time for me!