July 30, 2018

Chanel style suit for Barbie

I´m sorry I've been missing for so long, but there have been changes: I have no partner anymore in B&I. So now I must do everything by myself: buying the fabrics, sewing the clothes, taking the pictures, blogging and managing the Etsy shop. And, since I run my own business, I have very little time for my Barbie hobby.

I have taken advantage now of the fact that it is summer in Spain, and I have less work, to make a Chanel style suit 😊 It includes a jacket, skirt and t-shirt. It does not include the necklace (from "Preferably Pink" Barbie), the purse (I purchased it in Aliexpress) nor the shoes.

Chanel style Barbie doll

Both the t-shirt and the skirt are velcro-fastened in the back. So they perfectly suit different Barbie bodies (except curvy and petite) and also Poppy Parker body.

Clothes for Barbie

Look at this beautiful doll: she has been repainted by Sara of "My dolls, my world". I love their repaints so much 

Chanel style suit for Barbie

I have made three identical suits, I'm keeping one for myself but the other two are available in my Etsy shop.

Chanel Barbie

I love the young and chic style of this suit. I hope you will love it too 😊

collector Barbie clothes

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