April 5, 2020

Barbie dress pattern (with pockets)

It's been a while since I last posted. I usually don't have much time because of my job, so I spend the summer sewing and taking photos. But last summer we were too busy: we moved to the south of Spain and our son went to study in the USA. But now (thanks to coronavirus...) here we are with time at home! And I have sewed some dresses 😊 As I usually don't have time to sew (except for the summer and pandemic times...) I decided that I will sell the patterns with step by step tutorial of how to sew them. You can buy this one in my Etsy shop. The instructions have 22 pages with 24 photos and has the instructions and also many tips you can use when sewing any other garment. You will receive a file with the patterns, a file with the instructions in english and a file with the instructions in spanish.

Puedes comprar los patrones con instrucciones para hacer este vestido en mi tienda Etsy. Hay un fichero con las instrucciones en inglés y otro con las instrucciones en español. Tiene 22 páginas con 24 hojas y además de las indicaciones para hacer este vestido contiene muchos trucos que son de utilidad para coser cualquier otra prenda.

barbie doll dress pattern

I fell in love with this dress when I saw it in Mattel IG 😍  I have sewed a few until the pattern was perfect. You can make it with pockets or without them (photos here). The dress is totally lined and it fastens with a snap button in the back.

barbie dress pattern

This doll is Keith Haring Barbie, she is amazing! I bought the handbag in Aliexpress some years ago. The necklace is from Preferable Pink Barbie.

digital pattern barbie dress

I have sewn 3 dresses exactly like this one: one is a gift for my friend Edel, I will sell another one in my Etsy shop when the confinement ends and the last one is for my Barbies.

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